Pupperz: Celebrating Your Dog’s Special Personality 

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies; it comes from the love in my dog's eyes." -unknown                                                                                                                          

Dog owners know there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to our canine furry friends - every dog has a unique personality! 

That’s why they have such a powerful impact on our lives, and why they’re the most loyal and loving friends a human could ask for.

At Pupperz, we’re passionate about capturing your dog’s special personality with fun prints and functional items.

Whether your dog is a chilled-out, relax-at-home type or a playful companion with boundless energy, our high-quality products with one-of-a-kind prints are perfect for your pet.

Choose from collars, harnesses, leashes, poo-bag holders, and other fun and useful items and accessories that will show off your dog’s individuality.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you, mom! We have an entire dog-mom line too with T-shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs so you can celebrate your love for your special furry bestie.


About Pupperz: Confession - we love dogs!

It will come as no surprise when we say that we started this small business because we LOVE dogs!

Our love for dogs drives everything we do, from designing prints to testing new Pupperz products. We’re also obsessed with design and attractive prints, so it was natural to combine these passions to create amazing items that are not only functional - but stylish and special.

It can be tough to track down unique items for dogs. After all, big-box stores carry a limited number of basic prints, and finding something that stands out can be a challenge. 

Our pawsome products are made even better thanks to their unique features.

For example, our neoprene harnesses retain their shape in water and dry in minutes. 

We currently stock sizes for small and medium breeds, and many of our “fur-shionable” products are adjustable so they’ll grow with your dog. In the future, we plan to stock sizes for large breeds as well.


About Me: The Crazy Dog Lady!

I’m Krisztina, the owner and founder of Pupperz. I’m a self-proclaimed “crazy dog lady” and a passionate dog mom who absolutely loves her fur-babies.

Dogs have been a central part of my life since I was a young girl, and although I love all dogs, Boston Terriers are my favourite.

My first Boston Terrier, Lucky, stood by me through the good and the bad, until his passing from a brain tumour in January 2020. 

Now, Lula, the boss and head model at Pupperz, keeps me busy with plenty of play and adventures outside of work. Stitch, the latest addition to the family is another familiar face at Pupperz!

Boston Terriers are known as a fun, energetic, and loving breed with a terrific personality. That’s why the Pupperz logo features Lucky, my first beloved Boston Terrier,  and I can’t imagine a better representative for the brand.

I also can’t forget my husband, Zoltan. He runs the business with me and draws on his background as a tattoo artist to help create unique, fun prints for all of our products.

Dogs are a big part of my life, and my dream is to be a work-from-home dog mom - that’s another motivating force behind the effort and passion that I pour into Pupperz.


Get to know the Pupperz bosses/models: Lula and Stitch

Name: Lula

Breed: Frenchton (Boston Terrier x French Bulldog)

DOB: 25/01/2014



Make no mistake: Lula is the real boss around here. She’s also the head Pupperz model - you can see her cute little face turned into digital art on our ‘Thank You’ cards. 

When Lula is not modelling (or bossing us around), she loves going on beach walkies, taking long naps, and snacking (a girl’s gotta eat, right!).

Lula has a very sweet nature, and she loves attention, especially from people she doesn’t see often or has never met before! When she hears someone laugh or giggle while we are on a walk, she thinks it’s for her and immediately wants attention and love.

When she sees others walking their dogs, she runs to the furry friend first, but only spends a couple of seconds with them, then she makes a beeline to the owner for pats. Smart cookie!


Get to know Lula, the human lover! 

Favourite food? Chicken

Favourite past-time? Playing catch with frisbee on the beach

Favourite Pupperz product? The ‘Sweet Stuff’ collection - after all, I’m the inspiration for it!

Do you have a favourite toy? Frisbee and ball - because it’s too tough to just choose one.

If you could wake up tomorrow able to perform any trick, what would it be?

Say Hi (shake hands). I can use that trick to get even more pats and kisses from the humans!

Where do you really like to walk? The beach

What's your deepest, darkest secret? I can’t help but kiss every human that I come across - I just can’t resist them!


Name: Stitch

Breed: Boston Terrier (Boston terriers ‘The American Gentleman’) 

DOB: 15/10/2020


Stitch may be young - but he’s already a hardworking model for Pupperz. As a new addition to the Pupperz family in December 2020, Stitch has quickly claimed a boss spot alongside Lula.

He goofs off from time to time, but we give him a pass since he’s just a little guy. We can’t resist his fun, loving, and bright personality, and he makes his human friends laugh every day with his hilarious behaviour. What a champ! 


Get to know Stitch, the mischievous little pupper!

Favourite food? Raw meat

Favourite past-time? Play with anything and everything. No item is safe!

Favourite Pupperz product? ‘ROAR COLLECTION’ (it has a dinosaur print) since he is still a puppy he wants to bite and chew everything, including his humans!

Do you have a favourite toy? My big sister Lula 

If you could wake up tomorrow able to perform any trick, what would it be?

Make all the treats disappear in my tummy.

Where do you really like to walk? Anywhere and everywhere. Let's go. 

What's your deepest, darkest secret? I chew up my mom’s work shoes so she can’t leave. And if she tries to put them on her feet, I’ll pull them right off! #cute


Pupperz: Making dogs look extra cute!

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